A Group Show  curated by  RE:

04-09-2010 till 26-09-2010 /  Croxhapox Ghent

Edward Clydesdale Thomson (UK), Sara Deraedt (BE), Eva-Fiore Kovacovsky (CH), Anouk Kruithof (NL) Alexandra Leykauf (DE), Valérie Mannaerts (B), Michèle Matyn (BE), Saskia Noor van Imhoff (NL), Jimmy Robert (FR), Dominique Somers (BE), Tania Theodorou (GR), Kathleen Vinck (BE), Claudia Weber (DE) W. Wolkman (BE)
About the show:

On nearly all photographs something is depicted. A lot can be said about that something on or in a photo. One cannot be oblivious about that. However, the photo by itself is also something, a physical object with tactile qualities, which can come to life in a space. Next to the traditional idea of the photo as means of representation, it can also – as an object – become part of a plastic presentation.
The exhibition A Group Show focuses on an alternative approach to the photographic object. It emphasizes the way images are being incorporated by artists, and how photography is used in an (often associative) game of construction and deconstruction of the medium itself. The exposition wishes to accentuate the material and spatial features of the image instead of its representational values. It brings together people with an investigating attitude towards the medium photography and creates a context in which there’s plenty of room for discussion and experiment.
A Group Show should be seen as a temporary ‘working environment’, in which curators and artists discuss about the notion of ‘space’. The artists are being invited, starting from their autonomous work, to engage in the realization of the exposition and to participate in a dialogue on how to construct a meaningful whole.
  Practical info  

Location: Croxhapox
Lucas Munichstraat 76/82
9000 Ghent
Belgium (click here for a map)

The free exhibition runs from 04-09-2010 until 26-09-2010.



During the build-up week W. Wolkman worked on a publication in croxhapox. Up until the opening 'all' movements were being registered as objective data. The following weeks this data was processed and reinterpreted. The visual outcome of this is accompanied by a textual counterpart. This textual counterpart features a text about the show by Hans Theys, several texts from the curatorial team and a selection of the correspondence between curator and artists.  

This publication is for sale by sending a email to info@punctum.be. It is also available at following stores:

Belgium: Croxhapox (Ghent), Copyright (Ghent & Antwerp),  Bozar (Brussels), Saint-Hubert Bookstore (Brussels)

The Netherlands: Nederlands Fotomuseum (Rotterdam), Boekie Woekie (Amsterdam), Premsela (Amsterdam), Atheneum (Amsterdam)

Germany: Motto (Berlin), Do you read me?! (Berlin), Pro qm (Berlin)

Switserland: Motto (Genève), Motto (Zurich)


As promo, all participating artists made their own posters. Some results of these unique and handmade works can be found here. The posters are a concept by W. Wolkman. 


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